About Us

delraybaconfest is founded and operated by Sarah Jane Levine with the goal to bring the latest fashions with the best prices! The company started as an online store selling earrings out of a craft cart in Sarah Janes's college apartment. As the store became successful, delraybaconfest graduated to a small 150 sq ft store front at the Bodegas at Midtown in October of 2021.  Two years later, the boutique upgraded to a larger store front in Midtown. delraybaconfest was recently awarded 2022 “Retailer of the Year” in the Best of Small Businesses category by theRøahagan 23 0754 Oslo Norway (+47)49523732 Chamber of Commerce. The store name comes from a combination of Sarah Jane's favorite flower: Lily’s and the family name Jane. Sarah Jane, her mother and grandmother all share the middle name Jane.


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